“I Blew It!” Book

In 2012, Brian released “I Blew It!” through Influence Resources.  This book takes the reader through the biggest mistakes Brian has made in the first 20 years of Kids Ministry.  It is filled with hilarious stories, heartbreaking moments, and challenging thoughts.

Some of the principles are about ministry philosophy, strategy and communication, but the most important ones – the lessons that will make you laugh and melt your heart – are about the deeper qualities of fear and hope, pride and humility.

Brian deals with the subjects of team building and recruitment, involving parents, keeping your strengths in check, and radical dependence on God – as well as many others.  He was honored to have the Foreword written by his good friend and Kids Ministry legend, Jim Wideman.

As you read this book, trust God to change you from the inside out.  You can purchase it now through High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources (as well as through Kindle, Nook, and i-Books).

Reviews for I Blew It! (click to read)…

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What people are saying about I Blew It! . . .

“Experience is the best teacher, and you’re better off if you can learn from someone else’s mistakes. Brian packs years worth of experience into one place: this book.”                  Michael Chanley – Director INCM; Creator of cmconnect.org

“Reading about somebody’s past mistakes is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. At times I laughed, and at other times I felt extreme embarrassment for Brian’s situation. However, there’s something powerfully disarming in a book like this. In more than one chapter, I saw myself in exactly the same situation, and it’s comforting to know that I wasn’t alone in my failures. This is a must-read book for anyone in ministry! Don’t reinvent the wheel—learn from Brian’s pain!”                                                                                   Kenny Conley – NextGen Pastor, Gateway Church, Austin, Texas

“Brian takes his years of experience and packages them in lessons that are painfully hilarious and insightful at the same time. If you have been a kids pastor for 2 days or 20 years, you’ll benefit from the practical wisdom Brian learned the hard way. I hope you enjoy Brian’s book as much as I did.”                                                                                        Sam Luce – Children’s Pastor, Redeemer Church, Utica, New York

“As I read Brian’s book, I was immediately drawn in by his candor and humor as he reveals some of the biggest mistakes he’s made in ministry. I value his honesty in describing what most of us would rather fade into the shadows of the past.  Not only did Brian grow from these mistakes, but also, he shares how we can avoid them. This is a great, encouraging resource for any kidmin leader.”                                                                                         Gina McClain – Children’s Ministry Director; Faith Promise Church, Knoxville, Tennessee

“Children’s ministry can be a little overwhelming and scary at times.  This book will help you put those fears to rest.  The topics Brian addresses are some of the most practical I’ve ever seen.  Use it to be inspired and educated—and to change lives!”                          Ryan Frank – Executive Director, KidzMatter, Inc.

“Reading Brian Dollar’s book was such an encouraging relief. I laughed out loud at his stories as I remembered many times I blew it, too. And I enjoyed reading the insights he has gained over the years as God has refined his youthful enthusiasm into seasoned wisdom. This book is a terrific resource for beginners in kidmin and should be a textbook for veterans who may think they “know it all.” Brian has practical guidance for all of us who minister to children or lead those who do.”                                                                        Karl Bastian a.k.a. “The Kidologist” – Founder of Kidology.org

4 thoughts on ““I Blew It!” Book

  1. I first met Brian at CPC in Orlando in 2011. I think he said I looked like his brother-in-law or some relative of his haha. So when I found out about this book I was very excited, and I must say it is definitely an eye opener. I would recommend it to anyone in any type of ministry!! And a definite must for all children church workers and leaders!! thanks for writing it and I am taking special caution to learn from your mistakes Mr. Dollar 🙂

      • Really?? Haha you have a better memory than me that’s for sure!! Hey I was wondering if you or maybe one of your staff members have an e-mail address posted somewhere?? I’m in training right now to be our church’s children’s Pastor and I have a list of questions to ask haha

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