High Voltage Kids Ministry

High Voltage Kids Ministry was founded by Brian Dollar in 1998.  What began as a means to teach and train other Children’s Ministry leaders quickly turned into a full-blown effort to provide cutting edge ministry tools to Children’s Ministry leaders around the world.

What sets High Voltage Kids Ministry apart is the fact that we are NOT a “curriculum company”.  We are REAL LIFE Kids Pastors in a local church who create and produce our own videos, object lessons, graphics, illustrations, skits, and more – then we package and release what we use every Sunday on our website.  Whatever products you purchase from High Voltage Kids Ministry have been tested and proven to be 100% effective!

Our KIDS CHURCH CURRICULUM is “Media Rich – Teacher Driven”! In other words, our curriculum includes all the high-tech video, graphics, music, and other media elements that kids love WITHOUT replacing the Kids Pastor/Leader with a DVD player and a screen. We believe that the media elements should ENHANCE your upfront ministry with the kids, not REPLACE it. That’s why over 5,000 church world-wide have tried High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources.

Our materials are “low-prep” and “low-hassle”!  This is why we have Kids Ministry Leaders from every denomination and every church size who are our happy and loyal customers!  Try HVKM out for yourself!  CLICK HERE!  Or check out the video below:

12 thoughts on “High Voltage Kids Ministry

  1. Brian, I love the High Voltage Kids curriculum. Discovered it about 1 year ago and have used it ever since. Kids absolutely love it as well as my other workers in ministry. The cost is very economical and they are so packed with just about all you need for a lesson. Add some music and ready to go. Thanks so much to your gifts and talents and for all you are doing to continue teaching kids the wonderful lessons you all issue in your series. Oh yea, I like that these are in short series. That keep their attention without getting too long and drug out for months. Thanks and God Bless the ministry and all the staff!
    Machelle-Childrens Pastor

    • Machelle – thanks so much for the kind words! You have no idea how blessed we feel to be able to know that what we are producing is helping you do the ministry God has called you to do. Thanks for being so supportive of what High Voltage Kids Ministry is trying to accomplish. God bless!

  2. Brian,
    High Voltage is the best curriculum we’ve found. My husband and I had the awesome honor of leading kids ministries at our old church for 6 years. The Lord has led us in a new direction, to a different church who, by the way, is re-vamping their kids ministries. introducing High Voltage to them seems to be an excellent fit and in the right direction, to have an intriguing, creative way to teach God’s Word in a High energy format.

    Thanks SO MUCH!!
    keep up the good work, team. Your reward is waiting.

  3. Good Morning Brian,

    I love the High Voltage Curriculum. I stumbled upon it last summer when I was in search of something new, fresh, trendy, mult-age, Word-packed (but not to overwhelming for the kids) and economical. Wow! I found that and more in High Voltage. I took the plunge and started using it in October. The multi-media has stretched me, but I love it and best of all our children love it. I am so amazed how they remember the BIG IDEAS and we are starting to get testimonies of how the kids are talking about what they are learning at home.

    A big thank you to you AND your team for all their continued hard work.

    In His Service,
    Kinta Jones
    Faithful and True Christian Center
    Burtonsville, MD

  4. Is there any way to get sheet music for your songs? I am thinking of using some of your material for a children’s choir and would love to be able to access the printed music too. I am starting with God You’re Good and there is a second vocal part at the end. Thank you.

  5. Dear Pastor Dollar, I am now the Children’s pastor of Cornerstone A of G. My best friend was for many years and she used your curriculum. When I took the job I searched out all kinds of stuffed used some, Faith Case, CMD, ect. Then one Sat. afternoon I needed something quick. I was between leasons. I looked in the attic and found some HV DVD’s I was like I could do this but I would need to get the leason. Then saw the CD Rom. Cool I said let’s try it. The kids loved it. I’m not in any hurry to order new stuff I will use what we have for about a year. My little tech guy has put all three DVD, CD, and CD rom on his commputer and it’s smooth sailing on Sunday. Thank you, Mona Kaye Cape

    • Not sure what you mean. You print those just like you print every other piece of the curriculum. There’s not something specific you need to do differently.

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