Daddy Comes Home


I was honored to be a part of this incredible moment.  My friend, Rocky, had been deployed for over six months.  He has three beautiful young daughters who love their Daddy very much.  They THOUGHT Daddy wasn’t coming home for weeks.  We convinced them that we needed to shoot a video to send to him overseas.  I said, “Why not go to the airport where he’s eventually going to come home and we can show him what it is going to look like when he eventually comes home.”  The girls were all about it.

In the middle of their video shoot, Rocky, steps out of the crowd with open arms to greet them.  They were shocked!!  It was a touching moment, all caught on camera.  Enjoy this video of one of our honored military personnel coming home to his family.  As you watch it, say a prayer for all of those who are still deployed.  Pray that God will keep them safe so that they will be able to enjoy this kind of moment soon.

Why You Need To Mark Your Calendar For THIS FRIDAY!


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New Kidmin Resource That Will SHOCK You!

As many of you know, I am the founder of High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources.  We started providing Kids Ministry Curriculum back in 2004.  In the last decade, we have been blessed to see over 5000 churches use our materials.  Many kids have been saved and blessed as a result!

Well, on September 1st, we launched a BRAND NEW line of curriculum:  High Voltage Power Packs.  The very first series in this new product line is “HELP!”

“HELP!” teaches children to call on God in times of trouble.  Explores the topics of  healing, depression, stress, wisdom, and loneliness through the Bible Stories of King David, Jairus’ daughter, Apostle Paul, Mary and Martha, and Solomon.

·      Six lessons of Large Group curriculum
·      Six lessons of Small Group Curriculum
·      Three high impact Video Segments per lesson
·      Bible Story with comic-book style illustrated graphics
·      Action Games
·      Character Skits
·      Object lessons
·      Family Devotions to send home with parents
·      All Quicktime and Mpeg Video files
·      Only $99 (still one of the lowest prices in the Kidmin Universe)
·      Also available as a download for only $79

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Here is a video we produced to walk our customers through all that is included in our “HELP!” Power Pack.  You might find this helpful!

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Ashton Kutcher Has A Message For Your Kids

Hollywood is known for sending the WRONG messages to our kids.  They promote a false sense of success, what it takes to get there, and what the definition of “sexy” is.  I was completely surprised when I saw this speech given by Ashton Kutcher at the Teen Choice Awards 2013.

Now, let me first say this – I am in NO WAY endorsing Ashton Kutcher, his lifestyle, or his ability to be a strong and positive influence for children.  However, I think his words were refreshing and in many ways shocking among a Hollywood that rarely sends positive messages to our kids.

I wish every child would learn lessons 1 and 2 that he shares.  Now, #3 borders on Humanism (build your own world), but overall it is a very positive message.  Nothing spiritual here, but lessons each of our kids need to learn nonetheless.

Thoughts?  Share your opinions in the comments section.

Is Your Greatest Strength Also Your Biggest Liability?

This is a subject I get asked about a lot. I thought I would share it with you again.

A Keystone Easter

In my book, “I Blew It!”, I write about a crazy story where I ended up accidentally wearing a Keystone Cop hat on stage during the most serious moment of our Easter Production.  I had tried to be funny backstage and ended up forgetting I was wearing the hat.  It’s hilarious to read, but wasn’t so funny when it happened.

My greatest strength in kids’ ministry was my sense of humor.  The children loved it, and the volunteers enjoyed it, too.  I was able to play goofy characters like Skittles, the Candy Rapper, and a host of others.  I was quick-witted and funny.  I could make the kids laugh at almost anything, but I had a problem: I allowed this strength to run wild and unrestrained, and it became my greatest liability.  This can happen in all of our lives, and it doesn’t just apply to the strength…

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Who Is This Clown?

This past weekend, we launched our “Family Month” event.  This is something we do every year during the month of July.  We always bring in outside ministry guests and have FREE family ministry/entertainment during our Sunday Night services that are dedicated to bringing the entire family together.

Our first guest was “Chagy the Clown.”  Chagy did an incredible job.  He was one of the best guests we have had – EVER!  Here are a couple of reasons why he was such a hit!

1)  He was FUNNY! – Everyone loves to laugh!  Chagy connected with the youngest and the oldest in our audience!
2)  He was professional! – Chagy was well-prepared, highly skilled, and easy to work with.
3)  He has a heart for ministry! – Chagy communicated the gospel throughout his entire presentation.  His heart for the lost was evident in every conversation I had with him!
4)  He was extremely affordable! – Compared to many guests we bring in, Chagy was VERY affordable!  Hard to believe considering he relies on these events to help pay for the dozens and dozens of Missions Trips to South and Latin America.

I highly recommend Chagy for ANY event you may have: outreach, family ministry, kids, etc.  If you are interested, visit his website