Daddy Comes Home


I was honored to be a part of this incredible moment.  My friend, Rocky, had been deployed for over six months.  He has three beautiful young daughters who love their Daddy very much.  They THOUGHT Daddy wasn’t coming home for weeks.  We convinced them that we needed to shoot a video to send to him overseas.  I said, “Why not go to the airport where he’s eventually going to come home and we can show him what it is going to look like when he eventually comes home.”  The girls were all about it.

In the middle of their video shoot, Rocky, steps out of the crowd with open arms to greet them.  They were shocked!!  It was a touching moment, all caught on camera.  Enjoy this video of one of our honored military personnel coming home to his family.  As you watch it, say a prayer for all of those who are still deployed.  Pray that God will keep them safe so that they will be able to enjoy this kind of moment soon.

6 thoughts on “Daddy Comes Home

  1. soooo sweet! Thank you for sharing! It’s a great reminder of the sacrifices that are being made everyday for our freedom! Please tell Rocky and his family thank you for his service and their sacrifice. We appreciate each member of our military!

  2. When my daughter came home from Afghanistan it was her 3 boys her husband and then ME, the mother and nana. I’m telling you it was an emotional time. I stood back and let her hug her boys and husband, weeping the entire time of course, and then she made her way to me and we both broke down. Just something about a mom and her daughter. So proud of all our young sons and daughters as they serve our country.

    Linda Jacobs

  3. Love this!!! And thank you for the prayers for all of our service men and women. My son will deploy in April to Afghanistan. We covet your prayers for him as well. Thank you for sharing this!! Bev

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