Ashton Kutcher Has A Message For Your Kids

Hollywood is known for sending the WRONG messages to our kids.  They promote a false sense of success, what it takes to get there, and what the definition of “sexy” is.  I was completely surprised when I saw this speech given by Ashton Kutcher at the Teen Choice Awards 2013.

Now, let me first say this – I am in NO WAY endorsing Ashton Kutcher, his lifestyle, or his ability to be a strong and positive influence for children.  However, I think his words were refreshing and in many ways shocking among a Hollywood that rarely sends positive messages to our kids.

I wish every child would learn lessons 1 and 2 that he shares.  Now, #3 borders on Humanism (build your own world), but overall it is a very positive message.  Nothing spiritual here, but lessons each of our kids need to learn nonetheless.

Thoughts?  Share your opinions in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Ashton Kutcher Has A Message For Your Kids

  1. A clear and intentionally aimed message on values that are seldom IF EVER celebrated. He used his platform to actually help kids and teens. Praying for Chris, ahh Ashton.

  2. Yes, I saw this video and was pleasantly surprised. I’ll bet the “teens” in the audience were not expecting anything like this! Opportunity looks like work–well said. These days, so many people seem to believe that great jobs just come to you. They don’t see all the hard work it takes to get there. It was a totally positive message that I would not have minded my own teen to hear.

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