73 thoughts on ““THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT”

    • Great news… esp about the downloadable lessons… Great enhancement. You guys do a great job… and now it’s getting better.

    • Super Excited…Can’t wait…Better than Ever!! You Guys ROCK!!! Love it and every area…sounds like you have really STEPPED UP THE GAME!! Thanks for all you do!

    • So sorry Abby! We are launching a brand new line of curriculum this will have all new upgraded videos and graphics, new features, small group lessons, and option to be completely downloadable. Launches this Fall!

  1. Love the upgrades! Especially excited about the small group portion. Will there be an upgrade for higher resolution graphics for the series logo? Just would like to see Adobe Illustrator files that can be used at any size. Thanks!

  2. What an awesome announcement! I have always loved the high quality curriculum produced by High Voltage and now you say it is going to get even better?! I can’t wait until fall!

    • Hey Jack! Was it Small Groups that you were needing, but not finding with our other stuff. I am always eager to find out why customers choose to stop using the products. If something else, please let me know.

  3. Great news! Thanks for giving us more for the same price! You don’t find that very many places….. ok, well, you don’t find that ANYWHERE! Thanks. Love your stuff.

  4. So AWESOME!!! We use your curriculum and have been for many years, love the addition of the small groups!! That is something we have been looking for!! Can’t wait to try the new stuff!!! Thank you, Thank You, Thank You!!!!

  5. Looks great!!! I know my kids will be excited to see Skittles again. The loooooooovvvvvee Skittles. I think that it would be cool if you could get an actual Skittles album for the kids to have. Then it would go platinum… no, it could go aluminum baaabbbbbyyyyyy!

  6. This looks GREAT! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I loved the old format and everything included. NOW YOUR OFFERINGS ARE EVEN BETTER!

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  8. Exciting News! High Voltage continues to be the leader in affordable and quality Kid’s Ministry Curriculum. I love the addition of the Small Group piece. Also, the new Watt’s Up segment takes the Big Idea to another level!

  9. Excited bro!!! A big promoter of high voltage products , it was great to meet you at Focus!!! Blessings!!!!

  10. This is all really great, especially the small group component. But, I was hoping it was some pre-K lessons. Can we get that next?

  11. Thank You I am looking forward to this fall. Being the One that Put all of our Power Poirts together in our Children Church and now it is gonna be better. THANK YOU and may the LORD keep blessing YALL as you bless other.

  12. I have been a fan since Alien Kids & BUGS, but so excited to see the upgrades. You have such quality teaching and now it looks like the supplemental materials (videos, graphics, sm group activities) will really show case it. Can’t wait to see you in a couple months at the Sharpen Conference (ICM)

  13. Pastor Brian, Paul and I are so proud of you and thankful for you. We are so grateful that our granddaughters have had the opportunity of being raised under your ministry to children. God has blessed you with an amazing ability to communicate with children and adults alike. We are so thankful for His anointing on your life. May He continue to bless you and give you creative ideas on how to reach this generation for Him. The Roden family loves you and prays for you.

  14. This is a very timely blessing and I am looking forward to seeing the new material! I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a impact you are making on the lives of so many! Thanks for seeing a need and allowing God to work through you to fill the need! I appreciate you!

  15. Woohoo!!! Sounds great! Thanks so much for all your hard work!! You guys Rock!! May God bless your ministry!!

  16. YAY! I love highvoltage! Thanks Brian and team!!! Great job helping more churches offer more quality to our families today! Every church Ive used your curriculum in has doubled and more than doubled in attendance! Thank you.

  17. I’m excited! Especially about downloadable lessons and small group curriculum. I can’t wait to get started with the new material! Thanks!

  18. Wow!!!!! Sp excited about the small group lessons!!! That is what we have been waiting for!!! Can’t wait until the first set arrives!! Thanks you!!!! Bev

  19. Super excited to hear about small group element and the new video graphics look great. Also am glad to hear that it is downloadable. Way to go Brian and your amazing team, my church kiddos are big fans!

  20. thank you! our kids love HV…especially skittles! I think we have all the series so excited for new and improved ones to come. Would like to give input about screen splits, colored faces, colored lips etc. these are great kids love that but another company I use does the same thing and then makes the main thought or point right after….the kids are so busy laughing at the blue face or saying his lips are purple that they completely don’t hear the big message. So with that said I love it just would like a pause for laughter before making the key point. I have not actually seen your upgrade so you may already do that. Also, for me a huge benefit is being able to select options if I don’t want to run the whole video. For example if I wanted to just go back to the power verse. Or only do the power verse etc. thank you for providing this at such a low cost I can’t believe what you get for the cost. Always recommend this!

      • About the 1:10 sec mark on this promo video…the watts up…it’s all great and what kids love…simply offering input in that area based on experience with the other one. Thank again for all you. We love high voltage!

      • Lol. That is part of an opener for a video. The “purple lips” happens as fast you see it there – about .08 seconds. We have not had any difficulty in having the kids be overly distracted by it. I think it will be ok. 🙂

  21. wow, looks great Pastor Brian. Way to go. Updates looks phenomenal. I’m excited to get my hands on some.

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