Who Is This Clown?

This past weekend, we launched our “Family Month” event.  This is something we do every year during the month of July.  We always bring in outside ministry guests and have FREE family ministry/entertainment during our Sunday Night services that are dedicated to bringing the entire family together.

Our first guest was “Chagy the Clown.”  Chagy did an incredible job.  He was one of the best guests we have had – EVER!  Here are a couple of reasons why he was such a hit!

1)  He was FUNNY! – Everyone loves to laugh!  Chagy connected with the youngest and the oldest in our audience!
2)  He was professional! – Chagy was well-prepared, highly skilled, and easy to work with.
3)  He has a heart for ministry! – Chagy communicated the gospel throughout his entire presentation.  His heart for the lost was evident in every conversation I had with him!
4)  He was extremely affordable! – Compared to many guests we bring in, Chagy was VERY affordable!  Hard to believe considering he relies on these events to help pay for the dozens and dozens of Missions Trips to South and Latin America.

I highly recommend Chagy for ANY event you may have: outreach, family ministry, kids, etc.  If you are interested, visit his website http://chagy.com/

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