Ten Rules For Dealing With Others

I am sure most of you have heard of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.  He is one of the more famous authors and motivational speakers of the 20th Century.  He had “10 Rules” that he operated under when dealing with others.  I thought it would be interesting to see how many of these you are practicing on a daily basis in ministry:

1.  Learn to remember people’s names.  People’s names are important to them.  Forgetting a person’s nameis often taken as a sign you are not interested in them.

2.  Relax and be a comfortable person to be with.  Make sure it is not a tense situation being around you.  No one enjoys being around uptight people.

3.  Learn to be an easy-going person.  Take things in stride.  Don’t let little things bother you.

4.  Don’t be egotistical or give the impression you know everything.  Work at learning from those around you.  Learn to respect other people’s opinions.

5.  Be an interesting person.  Be open to new things.  Take on new challenges.

6.  Smooth our your rough spots.  Learn to be gracious, polite, and tactful.

7.  Be a peacemaker.  Forgive.  Honestly try to correct every misunderstanding you are involved in.

8.  Overlook people’s faults.  Work at choosing to like others until you learn to do it naturally.

9.  Boost other people.  Encourage them, support them, congratulate them, and tell them WHY you appreciate them.

10.  Develop spiritual depth so you have something to pass on to others.  Learn to share this strength with people you meet.

So, how are you doing with Dr. Peale’s “Ten Rules”?  How many have you mastered?  Which don’t come naturally for you?

2 thoughts on “Ten Rules For Dealing With Others

  1. Great post coach! 🙂 …
    I feel that I have mastered the following. #2 Relax and be a comfortable person to be with. I have mastered this one because I just think its just my personality. #3 learn to be an easy going person. I have learned that if your going to have longevity in ministry, you can’t be bothered by small things. #5.. I have to be honest.. I have just recently mastered this one lol… It has really helped me in the long run, because the more you are exposed to, the better effective you will be to helping other people. #6 Smooth out your rough spots # 7 Being a peace maker # 9 Boast other people #10 Develop spiritual depth so you have something to pass on to others. I’m very passionate about the word of God and seeing people grow. # 10 is a big one for me.

    The ones that don’t come natural for me are:
    #1 Learn to remember peoples names- It just doesn’t come natural because we are in a huge church lol…
    # 4 Don’t come off as knowing everything. I have a tendency to do this because I want to prove myself to other individuals that I’m qualified to do what I do. I think most people if they are honest struggle with #4. I don’t feel like I have mastered it, but I am aware of it, and I have learned to catch myself #justbeingreal lol.
    #8 Overlooking faults- I grew up in an environment that all people did was look at each others faults, instead of evaluating themselves. While I do evaluate myself on a regular basis, I still pray and ask God to help me see people the way He sees them..
    Thanks again for this challenging/ empowering post! You are an amazing mentor and friend!

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