How To Avoid Kidmin Tunnel Vision

In my previous post, I shared the dangers of Kidmin Tunnel Vision.  This is when you get so laser focused on Kids Ministry that you fail to keep the BIG picture of the WHOLE church in mind.  Today, I want to share how you can avoid falling into this trap!

It’s not enough to sit back and expect your pastor or other staff members to make sure you’re vitally connected with the entire scope of the church’s life.  That’s your responsibility.  Here are some steps you can take to Avoid Kidmin Tunnel Vision:

1)  Read every available piece of information. – Make it a weekly practice to read the bulletin, newsletters, articles on the website, and anything else that tells what the church is doing.

2)  Ask questions. – If you’re unsure about an upcoming event, a strategy, or any other plan, take the initiative to get an answer to your questions.

3)  Watch or listen to the Sunday morning service. – Most churches record the pastor’s sermon each week. If you can’t attend the service (and most of the time you can’t), make it a priority to listen to the message sometime during the week.  It will keep you connected to the pastor and to the heartbeat of the church.

4)  Pay attention in staff meetings. – Shut down Twitter, Facebook, and your web browser.  You are getting the info you need if you will just LISTEN and document it.

5)  Regularly pray for your pastor and other department leaders. – This choice has made a huge difference in my perspective, my attitude, and my relationships with each person on the team.  They’ve told me the greatest challenges they face in their ministries, and I found out their joys and struggles in their families.  My commitment to pray for them has kept me connected and prevented me from becoming focused only on Kids Ministry.

So, don’t hesitate.  Choose NOW to start these five habits.  They will keep you from falling into the trap of Kidmin Tunnel Vision, and you will stay vitally connected to your pastor and entire team.

4 thoughts on “How To Avoid Kidmin Tunnel Vision

  1. Wow! What a great article Pastor Brian! I read part 1 as well and it was very good! I have been in Children’s Ministry for 10 months now and I have had so many questions and ideas about this. You have confirmed a lot of my thoughts and have also stirred up new ones! I especially loved the point you made about staying connected with the church. It is so easy to get caught up in what I’m doing that I loose sight of this. I think some of that comes from me being a perfectionist haha. And even the point you made about taking the time to pray for your fellow peers (leaders) and senior pastor. That point has really helped me change my perspective, because if he is not healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally, that the body will not be. Thank you so much for your wisdom! I enjoyed reading this post!

  2. I agree with everything you said above, but what if these issues are not discussed in “staff meeting”? Our Senior Pastor is not good about communicating what else is going on, even if it affects your area. I ask questions, but a lot of things tend to slip through the cracks. What can I do to help with communication?

    • That’s a tough one, Lisa. Asking questions and digging for answers is just about the only way you are able to make sure you are connected. If your pastor is not one who willingly gives information, then all you can do is your best. Sounds like your church could really use an Executive Pastor or Associate Pastor who has administrative gifts to come alongside your pastor and help him in the area of communicating to the rest of the team. I know this can be frustrating. Hang in there!

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