Do You Suffer From Kidmin “Tunnel Vision?”

I will never forget the Staff Meeting where I confronted my Pastor about why I wasn’t made aware of the big Missions opportunity that the rest of the staff seemed to already know about.  I let him know how upset I was that “those of us who are in Children’s Ministry and aren’t able to be in the Sanctuary on Sundays shouldn’t be kept in the dark.

My pastor kindly asked me, “Brian, did you not read the bulletin the last few weeks?”  I had not.  “Did you read the letter I sent home to every household in our church?”  I did not.  “Have you paid attention in Staff Meeting the last few weeks as we have been talking about it?”  I had not.  I had made the mistake of deciding, “If it isn’t directly related to Kids Ministry, I don’t really need to pay attention to it.”

I made a classic blunder:  “Having Tunnel Vision and Missing The BIG Picture.”

Turns out it wasn’t my pastors fault I didn’t know about the opportunity.  It was my own.

In kids’ ministries, we need to recognize the symptoms of tunnel vision.  If we don’t, we may suffer severe consequences.

Dangers Of Kidmin Tunnel Vision:

1)  We develop a territorial spirit.

2)  We develop a “poor me” mentality

3)  We infect the rest of our Kidmin team.

4)  We fail to support (and may even compete with) the pastor’s vision.

5)  We fail to communicate key information to parents and team members.

Tunnel vision isn’t just an inconvenience.  It’s an acid that eats away at everything good, right, noble, and pure in a leader’s heart, a team’s life, and a ministry’s impact.  Want to beat it?  Want to avoid Kidmin Tunnel Vision?  Next week, I will share “How To Avoid Tunnel Vision.”

9 thoughts on “Do You Suffer From Kidmin “Tunnel Vision?”

  1. I read this story in your book, and I’ve seen the dangers of this taken to the extreme from multiple pastors in the church and it’s not pretty.

    That being said, I caught myself doing it over the holiday season, and made a commitment to pay more attention and get involved.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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