Where In The World Is Brian Dollar?

2013 is going to be an exciting year.  I have been honored to be asked to speak at several incredible conferences and events.  I would love to get a chance to meet you and connect!

Just thought I would pass on some of the dates and locations I will be in 2013.  Hope to get a chance to meet many of you in person!

North Texas Kids Pastors Retreat; Jan. 4-5, 2013; Dallas, TX;  keynote speaker and multiple breakouts  more info

INCM’s Children’s Pastors Conference;  January 16-19, 2013;  Orlando, FL; multiple breakouts more info

Oklahoma Kids Pastors Retreat; Jan. 25-26, 2013; Keynote speaker and multiple breakouts  more info

Southwestern A/G University;  February 5-7, 2013; multiple main sessions on Children’s Ministry Leadership more info

INCM’s Children’s Pastors Conference;  February 18-21, 2013;  San Diego, CA; multiple breakouts more info

FOCUS Children’s Ministry Conference; February 28 – March 2, 2013;  Greenville, SC; Keynote speaker and multiple breakouts  more info

ARSOM Children’s Ministry InstituteMarch 8-9, 2013 ;  Hot Springs, AR; multiple sessions on Children’s Ministry Leadership;  more info

Iluminate Conference; April 6, 2013 ;  Memphis, TN; multiple breakouts more info

COGOP Children’s Ministry InstituteSeptember 12-14, 2013 ;  Ashville, SC; multiple sessions on Children’s Ministry Leadership more info

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my amazing friends in the Kidmin Community!  Thank you for supporting this blog all year long!  My prayer for you and your family is that you will know God’s peace, love, and blessings in a very real way this Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Brian Dollar

Helping Kids Cope With The Newtown Tragedy

Tragedy knows no boundaries.  It does not discriminate between people.  Tragedy can hit any community, any family, any individual, at any time.

Aside from mass shootings, terrorist attacks, Earthquakes, and other mass disasters, there are tragedies that eventually strike every family.  The death of a loved one.  An accident that permanently injures someone.  The sudden loss of income due to layoffs or being fired.  These are the every day tragedies and losses that parents struggle to explain and help their children through.

This is a REpost of one of mine from the Summer: “How To Talk To Your Kids About Death And Tragedy.”  I found it very appropriate to include again.  I have included the outline below.

You can hear the audio of the entire teaching here:

Feel free to use this to teach the parents in your own church.  I pray it is helpful.

“How To Talk To Your Kids About Death & Tragedy” 

  1. Be honest with them.
  2. Use appropriate language.     Hebrews 9:27
  3. Allow them to ask questions.
  4. Allow your child to be emotional.   Ecclesiastes 3:4
  5. Be aware of your own need to grieve.
  6. Grieve together.  Romans 12:15      Job 2:11-13
  7. Don’t force an emotional response.
  8. Expect regression.
  9. Pray together.    Hebrews 13:5
  10. Remember that grieving is a process, not an event.

Which Will You Choose – SLOW DOWN OR FALL DOWN?

It’s the holiday season.  Christmas parties, outreaches, end of year budgets, family commitments, dinner parties, shopping, shopping, shopping…the list never ends!

There’s a reason why people use the phrase “hustle and bustle” when speaking of the holiday season.  It’s the nature of the beast.  There’s not a lot you can do about the stress and speed that the holidays bring…or is there?

Something very important I have learned from my pastor (who learned it from Bill Hybels) is that there is a direct correlation between the SPEED of our lives and the DEPTH of our souls.

There are seasons in our lives when things are moving at a much more rapid pace than others.  The Holidays seem to be one of those times.  A smart leader is realistic about his/her own condition.  A wise leader adjusts his soul time to match his life speed.  Let me explain:

In times of speed and stress, the average Christian has a tendency to skimp out on the care of their soul (daily prayer, Bible study, worship).  After all, “I’m too busy.”  Bill Hybels talks extensively in his book, “Too Busy Not To Pray” that the opposite is really the case.  Significant growth and moments with God don’t happen at a speed of Mach 2.

“So, what am i supposed to do, Brian?  Cancel all of my holiday commitments?”  Not at all.  Instead, each of us must make a conscious choice and ask ourselves – will we maintain our sense of soul as speed increases?

As a leader, your spiritual growth matters even more!  Your time with God is even more important!  You can’t give what you don’t have.  As the speed of the holidays ramps up, CHOOSE to slow down and spend MORE time in God’s presence.

“But those who wait on the LORD will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”

– Isaiah 40:31