The 12 Deals Of Christmas


Christmas comes but ONCE per year – and the same goes with High Voltage Kids Ministry’s now famous “12 DEALS OF CHRISTMAS” promotion.  They have been making a list and checking it twice!  The good news is – you can ALL be on the NICE LIST!!!

They are so thankful for each of you who partner with them in ministry to children!  That’s why they have chosen some of the BIGGEST deals of the year, wrapped them up with a bow (well, sort of), and got them lined up for TWELVE BIG DAYS of savings!

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Children’s Pastors Conference – Register and WIN!

I am really excited to be speaking at both Orlando and San Diego CPCs this year!  I am also excited that my company, High Voltage Kids Ministry, is an official partner of INCM.  If you haven’t registered for CPC yet, you are missing out!!!


CPC is the premier conference that focuses exclusively on children’s ministry. You will spend four life-changing days with experts in children’s ministry. You will hear quality speakers and performers throughout the conference while interacting with leaders who share your focus and passion.

I hope to see many of you there.  Were you waiting to the last minute to get in on INCM’s biggest giveaway ever?  Well, they would like to sweeten the deal and make you rethink your strategy…

Anyone who registers for CPC this week will get entered into their huge 12.12.12 promotion five times… dramatically increasing your odds of winning one of their great prizes:  Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, CPC Lodging, CPC Airfare, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

What are you waiting for.  Register now!   I can’t wait for CPC this year and you shouldn’t wait to register because you could win some amazing stuff.

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Becoming A “Kidminnovator”

I was privileged to be invited to speak at INCM‘s CM Leaders Conference this past September.  My topic was “Kidminnovation:  Unleashing Creativity in Kids Ministry.”  For those of you who were unable to attend or watch it on their LIVEstream, here it is:

After you watch the video, please share your thoughts in the comments section.  Thanks!

Are “Fall Festivals” Counter-Productive?

For the past twenty years in Children’s Ministry, I have planned and hosted a “Fall Festival” (a.k.a. “Harvest Party”, “Hallelujah Night”, “Fall Fest”, “Family Fun Fest”, “Trunk or Treat”, etc.) at the church where I was serving.  These events generally were seen as a fun Family Event that served as an “alternative to trick-or-treating and Halloween.”

The typical “Fall Festival” usually looks a bit like this:

  • It is a family-oriented celebration/party.
  • It may have costumes.
  • Games are played.
  • Contests are held.
  • Food abounds.
  • Music blares.
  • Everyone enjoys themselves.

Certainly there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a Fall Festival on its face.  I love dressing up in funny costumes.  I love seeing what crazy costumes the kids will come up with.  I love games, fun, and candy.  All of that is awesome!!!

However, several years ago, I began to ask the question:  “Is our Fall Festival actually counter productive?” Could it be that this event actually works against what our mission is as the church:  “to know Christ, make Him known, and reach the lost people in our city and around the world?”

Now, before I go any further – I want to assure you that I am not indicting anyone who does Fall Festivals.  As I said, I have done one for the last twenty years.  But, as I and our pastoral team put more thought into it we had several questions come up.

1)  Why do we feel the need to do an “alternative event” for our families on Halloween?  We don’t do an “alternative event” for Mardis Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day, or other random holidays.

2)  Are we really “connecting” with the lost people who come?  We consider it a “bridge event” (connecting the lost of our community to the church in a non-threatening way).    Do they end up just stopping by to play a game, win a bag of candy, and move right along to the next church that’s throwing a Harvest Party?

3)  What about the people in our neighborhoods?  I have been most frustrated by the fact that on the darkest night of the year, it seems the Church has gathered all of the “light” together in one place (the church) in order to “escape the darkness” – and there is absolutely no light represented in our neighborhoods.  For the last twenty years, the very people I MOST want to reach, my neighbors, have been out on Halloween going door-to-door.  On a night when they are voluntarily coming to MY house, giving me an opportunity to speak to them and show God’s love – my house is dark with no light on because…the pastor is at his church throwing an alternative party.

I welcome your thoughts.  I posted this as a means to initiate discussion and provoke thought on this subject.  I purposefully waited until AFTER Halloween to post this because I didn’t want to appear to be “dumping on” something that many people were in the middle of planning.  I invite disagreement and diversity of opinion.  Would love to hear what you think.