The Kidmin “Secret” Weapon

If you’re looking for something that will take your Kids Ministry to new heights, I have the answer for you.  If you’re looking for that one ingredient that, if you add it, will make an immediate impact – I can tell you exactly what it is.

Prayer.  Now, I am sure you are thinking, “Brilliant, Brian.  This is not new news.”  True.  However, that doesn’t mean it is not one of the most effective disciplines you can have as a Kidmin Leader.  Too many forget this, and rarely use prayer to its fullest potential.

We cannot be prepared and enabled to fully serve and love the kids God has given us without first committing them to prayer.  Each of us want to honor God and serve His children, but the motivation has to come from the Holy Spirit, and without his strength, we am not able.

Commit to pray for your kids.  Pray for them weekly.  Perhaps choose 5-7 each day and pray for them by name.  Pray for God to reveal His will for their life.  Pray for protection for each of them at school, at home, and in their neighborhoods.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to illuminate the Word of God to them.

And pray for them in front of them!  They need to know that you are praying for them.

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