Grow As A Leader – And Save BIG Money

I don’t advertise much on this blog.  That’s obviously not what it’s about.  But, it is about growing as a leader – and no one has helped more Kidmin Leaders do exactly that than my great friend, Bro. Jim Wideman.

Well, now you have a chance to get over $1300 worth of Bro. Jim’s most effective leadership tools for only $97 – thanks to the amazing folks at  This EPIC DEAL starts at Noon Eastern time, September 28 and ends 144 hours later.

This deal includes the following resources from Jim Wideman:

30 Children’s Ministry Leadership Coaching Sessions with Jim Wideman

These are Jim’s 30 best audio sessions for anyone who’s serious about being the best Children’s or Student Ministry Leader they can be. Save yourself 30 years of Children’s and Family Ministry experience by listening to these coaching sessions.

All teaching include outlines in PDF and word formats, and the audio files are have been created in such a way that you can easily put them on CD’s with the tracks already split up for easy CD duplication.

Sessions Include:

  • First Things First, Living by Priorities ($15)
  • Things You Can Do Now ($15)
  • Dealing with Criticism ($15)
  • Dreaming the Impossible ($15)
  • Leading Yourself ($15)
  • Thinking LIke a Leader ($15)
  • 8 Relationships That Matter ($15)
  • 10 Things I Do to Network ($15)
  • Enlarging The Abilities ($15)
  • Motivating Others with Thanks ($15)
  • People Skill Basics ($15)
  • Volunteers are Vital ($15)
  • Are Your Facilities Stunting Your Growth ($15)
  • How to Create a Worker Application ($15)
  • Serving is the Secret to Success ($15)
  • Staying in Tune ($15)
  • The Role of the Children’s Pastor ($15)
  • What Is Family Ministry ($15)
  • Difficult Conversations ($15)
  • Establishing and Maintaining Authority ($15)
  • Kidmin Ethics ($15)
  • Navigating Change ($15)
  • Secrets to Developing Creative Ideas ($15)
  • Structuring Your Ministry for Growth ($15)
  • Aligning The Children’s Ministry Departments ($15)
  • Keeping Life Simple ($15)
  • Knowing the Objective ($15)
  • Leading Multiple Ministries ($15)
  • Overcoming Obstacles ($15)
  • Saying Yes to No ($15)

6 of Jim Wideman’s Best Selling Books in Digital Format

You’ll receive 6 of Jim Wideman’s best-selling books in digital format. PDF, Epub, and Mobi formats are included. This deal includes rights for up to 20 copies of each book to be made, or files to be emailed to ministry leaders, volunteers, or friends.

  • Kidmin Leadership ($100)
  • STRETCH- Structuring Your Ministry for Growth ($100)
  • Beat the Clock ($100)
  • The Eric Trap ($100)
  • Connect with Your Kids ($100)
  • Turning Your Children’s Failures Into Success ($100)

1 Year Membership for The Club ($100)

“The Club” is Jim’s personal ministry coaching club. Every month you’ll receive new teachings, lesson outlines, access to posted back club lessons, and members only specials from This is a great resource that will keep you on the inside track.

Think 7 ($60)

Are you ready to think about your ministry organization, priorities and leadership in a new way? This 7 series set by Jim Wideman is essential to take you to your next level of thinking. Jim considers these 7 teachings his “life messages.” This is a must own collection if you are new to ministry or if you desire to get inside the head and heart of a proven and practical leader. Teachings included:

  • Recruiting Like Jesus Did
  • Duplicating Yourself In Others
  • Winning The Confidence Of Those You Lead
  • Let’s Get Organized
  • Habits That Get People Promoted
  • How To Be A Problem Solver
  • Serving Another Man’s Ministry

Outlines for each title are included in both Word documents and PDF format.

Evaluation Toolbox ($35)

Every person in leadership says they want to grow.
They want to grow personally as a leader. They also want their ministry to grow both spiritually and numerically. Why do some seem to grow easier than others? It’s simple. Those who grow have learned the value of evaluation. In this resource, children’s ministry expert and leadership coach, Jim Wideman gives you the tools he uses to evaluate ministries when he is hired to consult.


  • Children’s Ministry Evaluation Quiz
  • 136 questions that will help you identify what you need to do to grow and improve your nursery, preschool, elementary, overall management and administration
  • Jim’s thoughts on evaluation
  • What you should evaluate regularly to grow
  • Audio teaching
  • An Exercise In Evaluation
  • Evaluation survey
  • For your staff and team
  • Weekly report form
  • How to stay in the know so you can continue to grow

All data files are provided in both Word documents and PDF format

Stay or Go? ($35)

There are three types of ministers:

  1. Those who know they are in the place God wants them to be.
  2. Those who aren’t sure if they are in the place God wants them to be.
  3. Those looking for the place God wants them to be.

If number two or three describe you then this practical and helpful resource, by children’s ministry veteran Jim Wideman, is just what you need.


  • Audio teaching
  • Teaching outline
  • Stay or Go 40 question survey
  • 83 questions to ask before you are hired

All data files are provided in both Word documents and PDF format.

So, do yourself a favor – hop on over to ONLY144.COM and pick up these amazing leadership resources for only $97.  You can’t imagine how they will impact your ministry.

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