How Do You Handle Leaders Who Lack Energy?

Everything can be improved with increased energy.  Nobody wants to hear a song, listen to a lesson, or participate in a class where the leader looks bored, irritated, or wishes they were somewhere else.

If you are a full-time Kidmin Pastor/Leader you know that you have NO EXCUSE not to have energy on Sundays (or whenever ministry takes place for you).  However, some of our Kidmin Volunteers struggle with this.  They work 5 days a week, run like crazy for their families on Saturday, and on Sunday it is tough to have the energy they need to make a great experience for the kids.

If you ever need to encourage your team and help them understand the importance of having energy during ministry time, consider teaching them the following principles:

How To Increase Energy

1.  Realize what’s at stake

SOULS!  We want these kids to see us excited about God’s word, worship, and serving others.  The level of passion we have will determine the level of passion THEY have.

2.  Take responsibility for your own energy

Too many people wait to be pumped up by situations or persons.  Take responsibility for your own energy.  Don’t wait for the right speech from your leader or for someone to “push the right button” for you to get pumped up.

Ben Franklin said, “The quality of your life is your gift to yourself.”

If you wait for someone else to strike up your energy before you do anything, then life will pass you by.

3.  Act your way into feeling

Stephen Covey said, “Right decisions will eventually bring about right emotions.”

Don’t wait until you feel right to do right.  Do right and you will feel right.  “Fake it ‘till you make it!”

Socrates said, “Assume a virtue if you have it not!”  Fake joy is better than genuine depression any day!  A passionate person with limited talent will outperform a passive person who possesses greater talent.


The absolute best way to be infused with energy is to spend time on your knees in prayer.  Don’t rely on your own energy, ask God for HIS energy.

“To this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me.” – Colossians 1:29

When you are accomplishing GOD’S PURPOSE with GOD’S POWER, then you possess true renewable energy.

6 thoughts on “How Do You Handle Leaders Who Lack Energy?

  1. Appreciate the post. When I first read the topic on twitter I expected it might also touch on the valid reasons for low energy, such as emotional difficulty related to relationships or myriad other issues, medical challenges, getting older, etc. Any suggestions on how leaders might encourage folks in those kinds of situations? Thanks!

    • Hey Glen! I appreciate the comment and question. I really feel like the principles are the same – no matter the reason or cause of low energy. Whether sickness, emotional difficulty, or other issues:

      – if we realize what’s at stake, it allows us to prioritize the souls of children over our own personal issues.
      – If we take responsibility for our own energy, we won’t sit around waiting on someone to give us the right word of encouragement or the right “cheer up” speech. Instead we will do like King David did and “encourage ourselves in the Lord.” (1 Samuel 30:6)
      – if we act our way into feeling, we essentially are choosing to “do what’s right” in spite of our circumstances. Our emotions will eventually catch up to match our actions.
      – if we get on our knees, then we are going to the source of all strength. We are “leaning not on our own understanding” and are instead depending on God for strength and energy.

      Hope that helps! Thanks again for entering the conversation!

  2. Thanks for this, Brian. I have 2 opportunities to teach this to talk about this this week, and it came at the perfect time. I think this is something that a lot of volunteers struggle with, and I for one as a full time kidmin have to remember my perspective on things can be different. Thanks!

  3. There was a teacher in my building who was so stinkin peppy every morning. He said, “you have to make every day count!” He explained that even though he didn’t always feel like being jolly, the kids deserved it every day. That is something that inspired me as a teacher, whether in a school classroom or a Sunday School classroom. And it’s amazing what a difference it makes. Enthusiasm is contagious!

  4. Thanks for the post Pastor Brian! I like what Hanna said! Enthusiasm is contagious! When you as a leader set the bar, it will manifest in your leaders as well. The oil flows from the head down!

    Bless you sir!

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