Improving Your Serve

The great Chicago preacher, Dwight L. Moody, once said, “The measure of a man is not how many servants he has, but how many men he serves.” One of the most important traits of anyone in ministry is having a heart for serving others.

Ministry is all about serving others.  It’s never been about getting the glory, the kudos, or the spotlight.  Jesus himself was the ultimate servant.  He said, “The Son of Man did not come to the Earth to be served, but to serve.”

As we minister to children, we’ll be required to do things that are out of our comfort zone (getting on the floor and playing with blocks, acting like crazy characters, getting hit in the face with pies, and going to lock-ins, just to name a few).  We need a heart that says, “Whatever I have to do to reach these kids, I’ll do it!”

One of the guys who has served on my Kids Ministry team for the last 7 years is Victor Rodriguez.  He’s a third-degree black belt who works for the Police Department.  If there’s anyone who could easily impose himself on others, it’s Victor.  But he displays a tender, serving heart to the children in our church.  It’s not uncommon to walk into the room to find Victor sitting on the floor talking to a child or running around the room with two or three boys hanging on his back.  He loves to serve kids.

Victor also serves his leaders.  I’ve received many phone calls and emails from him, asking what he can do to serve me.  He wants to do what he can to make my job easier.  Jesus said, “Anyone who wants to be the first must take last place and be the servant of everyone else” (Mark 9:35).  Victor lives this commitment every day.

Serving comes down to this, “Others first, me last.”  Try focusing less on teaching the lesson you have prepared, and be aware enough to notice when your kids are going through a rough time.  Look for opportunities to serve your kids.  Look for opportunities to serve your leaders.

2 thoughts on “Improving Your Serve

  1. That is well said and really does sum up children’s ministry.  We have been childrens pastors for several years now in small churches.  In these churches we were the only unpaid staff and used a total volunteer force. Simply because the people love children.  In these churches we had no budget and no help from the church financially and in most cases no support from the leadership.  It is sad to have to take your money and money from the volunteers to run a children’s ministry while leaders talk of having no money and freezing budgets but at the same time these churches sponsor golf tournaments, buy new led lights and lighting systems, and it goes on and on.  We have recently walked away from pastoral ministry to get alone with God and back to basics, but what is sad is the Gap from small churches with no resources and no focus on kids min, and larger churches that have everything you need.   Our family is now working with the local PTA in lieu of working at a local church so we can serve children.   If you have any advice or perspective to give we would love to hear it.


    • I too worked in a small church where the budget was the leftover from my household budget. it is extremely hard to see big purchases in the church while you can’t guy 40.00 curriculum but I can tell you that now some umpteen years later I am now serving in a larger church with a budget for children’s ministry and that is nice and all but after all these years the best part of my ministry is seeing kids from my kids church all those years ago becoming pastors and children’s pastors! One of my children’s church girls decided to revive the children’s ministry which had all but died after my wife and I left. (she is fighting a board that doesn”t agree with children’s ministry.) She is doing an amazing job ! she was called to ministry because my wife and I took our vacation from our secular jobs and took the children from our church to kids camp! I know it is tough but you never know what life you will affect ! if you have a heart for ministering to kids then please for the sake of the kids do not stay away too long ! There are kids out there that need you because of your heart not because of how much money their church will spend on them !

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