“Kids In Worship” – Great Idea for Kidmin

This past Sunday we had our annual “Kids In Worship” experience.  I thought it would be good to share the concept behind this for all of you.  It is an amazing opportunity for the whole family.

“Kids In Worship” is an evening of worship, led by our Elementary Kids Department.  The children are in charge of the entire service in the Sanctuary.  It is an evening of worship, led by the kids.  The entire family comes together for a night of singing and worship.

We rehearse for months prior to this night.  Rehearsals are on Sunday afternoons from 4:30 – 5:30 prior to our Evening Worship Service.  The kids put together a set of familiar modern worship songs (to allow the adults to enter in) mixed with some new and original songs.  Several children memorize some of their favorite passages of scripture and share them with the congregation between songs.

There is always a time where a group of our oldest children step off the stage and allow the adults to come forward for prayer.  These kids pray earnestly for the needs of the adults.  We have had people healed and delivered on these nights.  It’s amazing!

It’s one of my pastor’s favorite services of the year.  There is something incredible about a group of kids who are passionate in worship of their God.  It is inspiring to all of us!  Why not try your own version of “Kids In Worship?”  If you have questions, ask them using the comment section.  I read each of them and will respond.


17 thoughts on ““Kids In Worship” – Great Idea for Kidmin

  1. That sounds wonderful! We have a special “Children’s Ministry Sunday” service in Children’s Church during months that have 5 Sundays – about 3x per year. Kids can sign up individually, in pairs, or in a group and most come in to rehearse the Saturday before. Our adults take turns introducing the kids, who may play an instrument, sing a song, perform a “human video” or sign language to a song, preach, recite scripture – just about anything. This opportunity is a great benefit to the children!

      • Brian (and Dorrie – and everyone!) Do you “audition” the kids who end up onstage? Because every single kid in your photo (above) is “into it”!

        Even in our Christmas Musical, after weeks of rehearsal, there are still many kids that don’t do the motions “full-out.” Way to go, Brian D.!

      • Rob – we audition solos and dancers for this night, but allow any child who is willing to commit to rehearsals to be in it. We just stress to them that they are LEADING the adults in worship. We remind them that if they don’t “express”, then the adults will most likely not either.

  2. Do you have a rough schedule of how this service goes? Also, do you have a kid band..or is it led by a mixture of kids/adults? Any recommendations for a smaller group of kids…15-20? Sounds like a great idea for our family services that I do every other month on a Sunday morning! Thanks so much for the awesome idea:)

    • We use video with soundtracks. Essentially it is about 10 songs, roughly an hour or so. In between several songs, kids will speak and share scripture. Toward the end, we move to LIVE piano (using our worship pastor) and have the kids come down to pray for those who want prayer. We end the night with a CRAZY song and allow parents to come to the front (NO RULES) and take closeup pics of the kids in action. You can EASILY pull this off with 15-20 kids.

  3. I think it’s important for the parents and other adults to know that Kids Church is not a babysitting service, but is really a worship service on a kids’ level. We have done a kids church service for the whole family on a Sunday night and had kids, parents and other adults participate. I like the idea of kids leading the service and will def use that sometime.

  4. sounds like fun…I am just starting up with the kids on Wednesday night and it’s going to take some time to get them all organized and where they should be…before this, they just came in and watched a video the entire service until dismissal…now they are getting lessons and memorizing scripture…i’ve drafted one to help lead music, another to train on the computer (and easy worship) and talked about an eventual outreach to grow the group….we have a worship encounter for adults once a month on a friday night….this might be a way to start our kids out since it is so small and there aren’t that many (21-25)…talk to the worship leader about allowing some of the kids to reach out in song in there….

  5. Wow wow wow this is such an awesome idea!! Thank you.. We are going to have to do this with our kids group 🙂 Thank you for your blogs. They are full of very helpful information. My husband and I really enjoy reading them 🙂

  6. Wow, I don’t know how I missed this post in June! I love it!! Great idea and we are going to have to do something very similar to this! Thansk for the idea!

  7. Love this idea!!! Please, keep us in your prayers! My husband and I just recently became the children church pastors and for almost a year now, we really have been focusing on being a worshipper. We have a music team that consist of kid musicians, singers and dancers. These kids really love worshipping and using their talents for the Lord. I love the idea of a service take-over, we have lead a song or two for worship in the adult service. But a take-over would be awesome, it would give the kids a real chance at using their gift. I just love your blogs! Thank you for yet another awesome idea!

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