Four Words You Should NEVER Say

I hear it all the time from so many Kids Ministry leaders.  It’s the four words that should NEVER come out of your mouth…“I’m just not creative.”

Sometimes it comes in more subtle ways such as, “How do you guys do what you do?”“I could never do that!”  “I wish I could be more creative, but I don’t have it in me.”
“Why are some people creative and others aren’t?”

The truth is everyone has creative potential.  We sell ourselves short thinking that creativity is some mystical ability that few are blessed with.

A large part of the problem is that there is an air of mystery and mysticism around the creative process.  Because people assume and reinforce the idea that some have creative potential and others don’t.  They assume that “creative” people somehow have a super power that others just do not possess.

Think back to when you were a child.  You were able to be kept busy for hours simply by playing with cardboard box.  That box instantly became a house, a fort, a fire station, a cannon – whatever your mind could come up with.  When you were a child, EVERYTHING was a toy.  You were definitely creative!

Somehow, through the years, we lose our fascination with everyday things, begin to lose our confidence, and somehow begin to believe the lie that “creativity is a gift reserved for the few.”  It’s not.  It is, however, a skill that must be developed.  Like any other muscle, your “creative muscle” will atrophy if you don’t put it to work regularly.

This week, take 15 minutes on this creativity exercise.  Walk into a room, find a random object, and see if you can turn it into some sort of spiritual object lesson.  Don’t worry, nobody is watching.  When you have completed this, guess what – you just took a step closer to unleashing the creativity inside of you!

Stop selling yourself short!  You ARE creative!  Now, get out there and create something amazing to change the world for your kids!  You can do it!!!

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7 thoughts on “Four Words You Should NEVER Say

  1. Everyone can be creative in something… for some it’s artwork, for some it’s up cycling, for some (like me) it’s writing, for some it’s finding unique ways to share Jesus… don’t ever limit yourself by saying you are not creative… you are in some way… find what makes you happy and use your creative skills to be the best in what you do today! – Have a great day… Mike Thornton

  2. Brian,
    I am always trying to help my team see that they are creative and encourage them!! I believe, too, that everyone has creativity in them! After all, we’re created in God’s image and He’s the master of creativity. So we should at least have a smidge of it in us 🙂 They just need to have it pointed out to them! One thing that I try to remember though is that when someone has a great idea…help them make it happen.

  3. I’ve found that if I can just write something and keep going, even if it’s dumb, eventually it will turn into to something good. I’ve written a few skits and videos. Some are bad, but if I would have given in to the temptation to be a perfectionist I wouldn’t have anything.

  4. Thanks’ for the reminder of seeing ourselves as God sees us. Often we do the best we can do, but when we take that to prayer, we find the best God can do!

  5. Thank you, for the reminder. I needed that.
    I would tell myself (and others), that I am not creative. I am, even in my own way.

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