Setting Ministry Goals

We all want to grow.  We all want to get better at our job, our ministry, our calling.  Although the desire to grow is common, actual growth is not so common.  I think one of the main reasons we fail to move from intention to actual growth is because we don’t set clear, definable goals.

Vague intentions almost never take us to a desired destination.  It’s not enough to identify an area that needs attention.  We then need to ask God for a vision of what it will be like to achieve the desired growth in this area.  When you define the goal, write it down, describe the benefits, and trust God to take you there.

Many people struggle with the description of the goal because they’re afraid the price they’ll have to pay isn’t worth it.  It is worth it!  The best encouragement to move forward is a clear picture of the finish line.  Go into detail.  How will your ministry look? How will your family relationships benefit?  How will you experience financial peace and freedom?  How will you take advantage of new opportunities?

If you can define and describe your goal in writing, you’re well on your way to achieving it.  A good plan is essential.  Solomon wrote, “A wise man thinks ahead; a fool doesn’t, and even brags about it” (Proverbs 13:16 NLT).

Once you set the goal and write it down.  Then, define manageable steps toward your goal.  Some of us quit because the task seems too big, too challenging, and too hard.  If we break it into reachable steps, we can make remarkable progress.  We can be naïve about what it takes to change.

Enthusiasm is a good beginning, but it won’t take us very far on its own.  I know.  I’ve tried.  If I had tried to get up early each morning, start a workout routine, read a hundred books a year, read the Bible through every month, and pray two hours a day, I’d have gotten pretty discouraged!   We need to have big goals but manageable steps toward those goals.

3 thoughts on “Setting Ministry Goals

  1. Brian, thanks so much for this blog. Would it be possible for you to give an brief example of this goal setting would look like? It could be yours or fictional… I’m a guy who likes examples… Thanks!

    • Hey Daren! Thx for the question. For instance, rather than say “I really want to grow in my prayer life.” That’s a pretty broad statement that has no measureable goal.

      Also don’t say, “I want to grow in my prayer life, so I am going to commit to praying an hour a day for the rest of my life.” Probably not going to happen.

      Instead, set a measurable and realistic goal. “I am going to pray at least 10 minutes every day this week.” You say, “That’s nothing.” Well, if your pattern has been 5 minutes every once in a while, then I like ten minutes each day better. :)” Instead of big overwhelming goals over a long period of time, set a short realistic goal.

      Then, after this week, if you hit your goal, raise it to 15 minutes a day the next week.

      Keep raising it until you are where you want to be. Too often people make broad statements about what they want to do and be – but never set or accomplish any goals. In fact, they get discouraged when they don’t hit their pie-in-the-sky goal – and then quit trying. Instead of seeing it as a sprint, look at it as a marathon.

      We want to make changes for a lifetime. So, let’s approach it like a marathon.

  2. Great post….thanks!! I have a sign in my office that says “Dream BIG – Start small”. This was a great reminder today! I also have a quote in my office from your book about procrastination…yet here I am! lol

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