Involving Kids In Ministry


“I am wanting to get kids more involved in leadership.  Do you use kids to help lead?  If so what have you found works or doesn’t work in training them?” – submitted by Chuck in Georgia

I am a firm believer of allowing kids to use their God-given talents in areas of ministry.  It is VERY important that children begin serving in ministry as early as possible.  It helps them avoid developing a “church is here to serve me” mentality.  Instead, they focus on serving and leading others as a means of worship.

God has, can, and will use children in ministry.  They often have the simple faith that delights God’s heart, and He responds by pouring out His blessings on them.  God doesn’t seem to be waiting on them to grow up and become “the future of the church.” Children who have been saved by God’s grace and filled with His power have the same anointing that adults have with the same experience.  As children’s evangelist, John Tasch observes:

“A child doesn’t have a Junior Holy Spirit while adults have a big Holy Spirit. It doesn’t work that way. When God gives out His Spirit, He gives it without measure and without size. Children just need someone to train them to do the work of the ministry.” (“Training And Equipping Children,” K! Magazine, Sept/Oct 2011)

If we will equip and release them, I believe kids will be some of the strongest leaders and ministers in the church.  Some of the areas we have kids involved in ministry are:
*  Worship Team
*  Greeters
*  Offering Time (holding the buckets)
*  Visiting Nursing Homes
*  Drama
*  Special Music
*  Prayer Partners
*  Serving Ministries
We have special training and rehearsals for most areas.  We treat the kids with the same level of expectation as adults.  We expect them to be on time, consistently present, engaged, and pure in heart.  We have noticed that the kids rise up to the level we expect from them.  Our kids are some of the most amazing ministers I know.
Thanks for the question, Chuck!  It shows that your heart is to engage and equip your kids for ministry.  I believe that is what our charge is as Kids Pastors (Ephesians 4:11,12).
How about each of you reading this blog?  What are some areas you have kids involved in ministry?  What kind of training do you do for them?  I welcome your thoughts and comments!

8 thoughts on “Involving Kids In Ministry

  1. We just started a ministry where teens serve on a special team that serves in our children’s areas. It has been amazing watching our teens serve. They assist with check-in and out, worship, lead small groups, dramas, and mc-ing the service. They have brought an energy into our ministry that is amazing! Each teen is trained, given a manual, name tags, and a t-shirt identifying them as staff. New members are trained each month. I will be doing additional training once a month so that questions are answered and additional training is offered for those already serving. If anyone is thinking about starting this, DO IT! I thought it was going to be a lot of work on my part, but it really wasn’t. I LOVE IT!!

  2. in addition to the areas listed, we involve kids in the technical portions (running the sound system, and power points) for kids church, hospitality, writing to missionaries and small group leaders among the children.

    We are currently in the midst of doing a kids musical for Christmas and some of the children just aren’t interested in being “on stage”. One child, in particular, was asking his dad “why are you making me do this?”. His dad shared his concerns with me and it was a perfect fit to move him into the sound position for this musical. He’s been doing an awesome job and will run the CD cues for the presentations. (i expressed the desire to the tech ministry leader – so he was aware and could plan accordingly for this child to run the CD for the presentations) He loves it and It seems to have sparked an interest in him to pursue this area of ministry.

    Also, as the children graduate from our kids church program (age out) we ask them if they’d like to become part of the teaching / ministry teams.

  3. We have been using the kids, preteens, youth for years, it has been very rewarding in their own christian walk and to the ministry. Today, really shows the fruit of using young people as leaders while they were in children’s ministry. For instance, we had a band of 10 and 11 years old playing music for worship in children’s ministry. At first it was a make a joyful “noise” unto the lord, as they developed in their gift the worship became such a sweet melody and was saturated with the anointing to change lives. These young people now are very involved with the adult worship teams, totally awesome. My husband and I have been doing kids ministry for 30 years and believe me you constantly change , you cannot do what you did yesterday, many of our young people have become leaders because they were trained young that God wants to use them. They have also become very active in children’s ministry some of our future teachers. What is awesome about this, its that they know we don’t provide babysitting service, they know what kids church is all about, lives being changed. The fruit that is poured into them is fruit remaining,we have seen youth pastors, worship leaders, greeters ushers and so on come directly from the children, tween-er and youth ministry. Also many testimonies from the youth pastor as the children move on to youth that they are ready to get involved, they don’t have to crank them up they are ready to go. God wants us to use them in the “Now”, that same spirit that raise Christ from the dead lives in them. God is awesome , no junior mints in those hearts.. God Bless!

  4. My husband is the Lead Pastor in our church. When I took over Kid’s Church, I did not have the “Kid’s Pastor” skills I’ve seen in others. I decided to use our kids. WOW! The kids love it! I have a Team Leader (who gets to use the microphone), an announcer (who tells what our kid’s church is all about — they read it.), an offering person, lights and attendance and more. The way they get the “job” they want: They must know their verse, bring their Bible and act like a leader. The jobs are on a first come — first serve basis, so I have kids rushing in to get the jobs they want. My heart is to train up our kids to be leaders now and in the next generation. Jesus said to GO into all the world and preach the gospel. From what I see in the church, most are so fearful. If we can get our kids to step out of their comfort zone now … how great for the Kingdom of God! I’ve seen little ones learn to pray in the microphone with their heart leading — How wonderful! Let’s train up our kids!

  5. Great post, Brian! We have our 4th and 5th graders serve in our preschool area as helpers with crafts and activities, and to present the skits that are part of the preschool curriculum. We also developed a leadership development program for those 3-5th graders who show strong spiritual maturity and leadership potential.

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