Partnering With Parents


“What are some of the ways you partner with parents in the spiritual formation of their children?” – submitted by Elizabeth

—When parents bring a child to me and ask me to lead him to Christ, I explain to them the joyous opportunity they might be missing. I give them some pointers about how they can talk to their child about Christ and pray with him or her.

—We involve parents in water baptisms for their kids.

—We have a comprehensive strategy to strengthen families. We coordinate our kids’ ministry efforts with the Sunday morning services, the small groups ministry, classes, concerts, seminars, and everything else.

—We coordinate the content for every age group in the church so we’re all studying the same passages and learning similar lessons. This way, parents, children, and teenagers can have meaningful conversations about what they’ve heard in church.

—We include a Family Devotion in the weekly bulletin to give parents a simple, clear tool to lead their children in a spiritual discussion based on Sunday’s message.

—We have started conducting classes to train parents to talk to their kids about important topics, such as salvation, sex, drugs, friends, tragedy and loss, making good decisions, and death.

—We’ve designated every Sunday night as our “Family Service” so kids and their parents can worship together—and we don’t worry about distractions.

—To elevate the importance of the parents’ role, we’ve taught a number of sermon series on family dynamics, communication, forgiveness, understanding, and love. We come back to these important issues regularly and often.

2 thoughts on “Partnering With Parents

  1. Very cool stuff. One of the things I do is i send home each week to the parents a “parent’s guide to 13 Letter” (the series we are doing on Wednesday Nights) to encourage the parents to continue the spiritual education at home.

    I got an AWESOME testimony from a parent a few weeks ago concerning the hand outs. One of the fathers was going through Romans with his son and while discussing the concepts of justification and sanctification his son was honestly convicted of his sins and wanted to receive Jesus. So right there in his son’s bedroom he lead his son in a prayer to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord!

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