Discipline Issues In Kidmin pt. 1


“How do you handle discipline issues at your church?” – submitted by “Anonymous” in Dallas, TX

Discipline is a hot button issue for people who work with kids.  While public and private school systems have five days a week to instill a discipline plan with students, the church typically has about one hour per week to do the same thing.  It’s important to have a clear system in place.  The last thing you want to do is expect volunteers to come up with their own discipline plan without guidance or expectations.

Successful Discipline comes down to two words:  CLEAR EXPECTATIONS

There is no way that kids can be expected to be held accountable to follow rules that are never clearly communicated to them.

Keep It Simple

Don’t develop so many rules that kids can’t remember them from week to week.  The rules I have used my entire ministry are the C.O.O.L. Rules (these are NOT original)

Care about your neighbor – don’t be a space invader

Only get out of your seat when you have permission

Obey the leader and don’t interrupt

Let’s work together – and be WINNERS!

Keep It Consistent

You have to be consistent in how you apply discipline.  Wavering in your discipline approach weekly causes confusion with the kids.  Being extra sensitive and calling down everyone one week, then being extra care-free and allowing all kinds of disruptions will NOT help your kids at all.  Be consistent.

In my next post, I will share what our specific steps are for dealing with discipline issues.  So, don’t miss “Discipline Issues In Kidmin pt. 2”

6 thoughts on “Discipline Issues In Kidmin pt. 1

  1. Hey Brian – We have a discipline policy in place and follow it as closely as possible. For Elementary Kids – 1st offense – verbal warning
    2nd offense – separate from group within the same area
    3rd offense – child is taken to Dept. Head and CP is notified
    4th offense – parent mtg is called and parent will be instructed to have
    the child with them for the next two weeks.

    Exceptions are always made for children with Special Needs.

    Pre – School Discipline Policy – these kids are just learning social behavior and classroom rules. We work with patience and many reminders are given. Parents are notified if behavioral issues are extreme. CP is notified if a parent mtg is needed.

    We have policies and procedures regarding discipline actions in writing and our Senior Pastor has a letter of approval of all policies that pertain to children in the manual. We often share those policy booklets with parents if they should have any questions.

    Bev Robertson
    OKC, OK

    • Yes, we have them posted all over the building. Every classroom has a copy of the poster on their wall. Our main auditorium has them posted at the entrance and on the wall up front. No, we don’t go over it weekly. But, we do hit it pretty often just to remind them.

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