Developing A Heart Of Worship In Kids pt. 2

kid worship


4)  Allow the kids to come around the front.

This will help them take the move towards worship. Teach the kids of worshipful positions, (raising hands, closing eyes, etc…), and lead them in praising using these styles.  Let them know that these positions can help them in proclaiming their desire to worship God and focus their attention on Him.  (“I raise my hands as I am reaching out towards God; I kneel in reverence and honor to God’s presence; etc.”)

5)  Don’t be afraid to have quiet moments.

Often, we are afraid of “dead air”.  While these moments can be horrible for the fast-paced portion of our Kids Ministry program, they are often beautiful moments in worship.  Let the children express their personal praise and worship to God without being directed from the microphone.  Too often we are quick to fill up the space in quiet moments.  Allow the kids to “be still” in God’s presence, listening to His voice.

6)  Move into the Word from Worship

We break up our fast-paced praise time from our slow-paced worship time.  It has been very helpful to place the slower paced worship directly before the Bible Lesson.  The kids’ minds are ready to receive, because they have broken free from distraction and the Holy Spirit’s voice is heard clearly.

Worship is an integral part of the life of a Christian.  Don’t be afraid of teaching the children in your ministry how to worship God freely and without inhibition.  I have heard many Kids Pastors say, “My kids just aren’t old enough to worship God with any depth and meaning.”  I have been in many churches and worked with every age range – I have never seen a group of kids who could not be led into God’s presence.  They are eager to worship.  Teach them how, demonstrate it for them, and pray for the Spirit to lead them into God’s presence.

4 thoughts on “Developing A Heart Of Worship In Kids pt. 2

  1. Dianna,

    We are actually working on another downloadable lesson on the subject. Should be available soon. We teach it NEXT WEEKEND to our kids.

    I encourage you to teach about worship in snippets at least once or twice a month. Give a biblical example of worship. Talk about WHY we worship. Let the kids know that it is up to them HOW they worship, it is just important THAT they worship!


  2. One thing that seems to have helped my kids see another reason why we slow down and take some time to worship before the preaching of the Word is I teach about preparation. I explain for us to be ready to play a sport, we warm up our muscles and think about all the things we learned at practice and get ourselves focused. The same goes with hearing from God; we need to prepare our hearts and minds to receive what God wants to say to us during the message and one of the ways we can prepare is to worship. Of course we also talk about worship as an expression of love and thankfulness to a Holy God but the preparation analogy helped them also. Love your practical advise! Thanks!

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