First Post Is Coming…

That’s right!  Subscribe now to be one of the very first of my fellow KidMin Leaders and friends to join me in this journey.  I will post my very first “real” post on August 1, 2011 to explain why I FINALLY started blogging and the purpose of this blog.  So pass the word and subscribe now.  I will be giving away a $200 Web Coupon to use in our web store – to ONE lucky subscriber.  MUST be subscribed by midnight Eastern, July 31st to be eligible.  Thanks for your support!

15 thoughts on “First Post Is Coming…

  1. Im new to this blog stuff. looking forward to learning right along with you. I love your material. keep up the good work.

  2. Have been in full time ministry for over 14 years, only the last two in children’s ministry. Love your material and look forward to picking your brain!

  3. Brian, I have always been a huge supporter of High Voltage Kids and I look forward to your thoughts and ideas that I expect will challenge the way I think about Kidmin. You’re an innovator!

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